Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cork-bound seagull? Hardly

Spotted on top of coach F on the 07.00 ex Heuston Cork train service today.

The seagull is hardly travelling but, if so does it have the Travel Pass?

Ah most unlikely, the train is now nearing Sallins and no footprints to be heard overhead.

Travelling in perfect comfort. The first train in the morning to Cork has to be a traveller's delight. Coach G, right behind the locomotive and the furthest up the platform.

What must it be like in a queue at Dublin Airport and then the terror of everything that is about flying, sparse legroom, crowded planes, playing a significant role in helping destroy the planet? Rail travel on the 07.00 Dublin Cork service is fit for a prince.

And along this track one can see right over to Turlough Hill. Above over the clouds not a single air passenger can even get a hint of the beauty of Ireland this morning.

Shush, not a word about the difference in price. Always vulgar to talk about money.

Flying can be a mug's game.

But not for the seagull, of course and that's probably what she/he is doing right now but closer to Dublin no doubt.

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