Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dominicans get mention in 'The Tablet' of July 29

A few interesting references to the Dominicans in The Tablet of July 29.

The Dominican philosopher Antonin-Gilbert Sertillanges wrote in reply  Pope Benedict XV' call for peace in World War l:

Most Holy Father we cannot for an instant entertain your appeals for peace. Like the apparent rebel in the Gospel, we are sons who reply, 'No, no.

In another article in the same edition there is a profile of the new Master of Balliol College, Oxford, Dame Helen Ghosh.

While a student at Oxford along with meeting her husband, she also encountered the Dominicans at Blackfriars, who have provided her with spiritual nourishment ever since.

Oxford has been her home for many years and she has kept up links with the Dominicans, including chairing their charity, the Blackfriars Overseas Aid Trust.

She has spent most of her working life as a civil servant. As Home Office Permanent Secretary she did not manage to get on too well with her political boss, Theresa May.

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