Thursday, August 3, 2017

Request to Brendan Walsh, new editor of 'The Tablet'

A call to Brendan Walsh, the new ediotr of The Tablet.

Is there any possibility that cirulcation of The Tablet could be improved?

On one occasion two arrive the same day, on another occasion two editions arrive within two days.

And the name of the country in the English language is Ireland and Éire in Irish. Why does The Tablet insist on printing Éire, especially since it is posted in Ireland to its Irish readers?

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Fergus said...

Their distribution has been very bad for many years.

The origin of the using "Éire" in an anglophone context is about not wishing to cede any of Northern Ireland to a separate Irish state. Ditto with "Irish Republic" as opposed to "Republic of Ireland". But you knew this anyway.

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