Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Edith Stein was gassed on this day in1942 in Auschwitz

The Catholic Church celebrates today the feast of Edith Stein.

She was born in Breslau, then part of the German Reich, today in Poland, in 1892 into a family of the Jewish faith.

She was a philosopher, rubbed shoulders with Martin Heidegger.

Became an atheist, then a Catholic. Joined the Carmelites.

She was gassed on this day, August 9, 1942 at Auschwitz.

"God is truth. All who seek truth seek God, whether this is clear to them or not,” Edith Stein.

Just a thought on the anniversary of the day she was gassed by the Germans at Auschwitz, and on the day after United States President Trump has spoken of unleashing a “fire and fury this world has never seen”.

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