Saturday, August 5, 2017

Inspector Franey speaks wise words to church 'leaders'

There is a feature piece in The Irish Times today about Garda Inspector Paul Franey, who is one of eight gardaí taking part in today's Belfast's Pride march.

While the page-long piece is about what life is like for a gay man in the Garda it also offers exceptionally wise words on the importance of Human Relations in any organisation.

Inspector Franey writes:

HR taught me that all the problems and all the solutions in the Garda at the moment revolve around HR issues. They revolve around people. The Garda is a very people-based organisation.

And then later he writes:

I saw it in HR - you put the right sergeant on to a unit, it'll be a fantastic unit. Stick the wrong person in and the unit simply won't work.......

There are many similarities between gardaí and priests.

Is there one single Irish priest whose specific work is HR. Is there a diocese or religious congregation who gives a moment's thought to HR?

Most unlikely. Priests attempt to study many 'ologis' but it would seem there is no attention at all given to HR.

Management skills in the Irish Catholic Church are abysmal. And probably a significant reason why the church is where it is today.

Elsewhere in the piece Inspector Franey writes:

How do you show people in an organisation that's as important as ours, doing work that's as important as ours, how valuable the work that they do is for communities, for people who are victims of crime.

Inspector Franey will have no idea of the prophectic words he is writing to the Irish Cartholic Church.

When ever does a bishop or a provinical pick up the phone to say a word of support to a foot-soldier? When does a bishop or provincial drop by for a cup of tea or coffee? 

Certainly, it doesn't happen in the organistion of which I am a member.

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