Monday, February 27, 2017

The wisdom of Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae's mum

Michael Healy-Rae TD for Kerry was in the news last week.

He was granted permission to wear his cap in the Dáil. And in that same week he called for the army to be brought in to cut down the rhododendrons in Killarney National Park.

Of course it got the headlines and not just in Ireland.

The astute MHR knows well that the cutting down of rhododendrons requires great expertise. Also, while he pronounces it rhododondrons, no doubt he knows quite well the correct way to say it - more publicity.

Michael gave a lengthy interview on RTE Radio 1's Marian Finucane programme on Saturday morning. He spent some time talking about his late mother and her wisdom.

He recalled how she once told him it's not what people do to you or what they say about you that matters. What matters is "how you react to what they do or say".

Wise words.

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