Thursday, February 23, 2017

Russian Television's 'Lionel'

He's called 'Lionel' that's all that appears of his name and he regularly appears on Russian Television (RT). He's obviously a regular contributor.

His facial expressions, his violence, his shouting has to be seen to believed. He's an American.

For Lionel everything about the West is vile, nasty and evil, that is except for President Donald Trump.

'Lionel' constantly berates the western press and 'explains' why it is so opposed to Trump.

Is the West really as nasty as 'Lionel' portrays it?

And 'Lionel' is but one of many contributors on RT, who on a daily basis, throw scorn on the European Union and all things West.

Never a word of criticism of the Russian Federation and its leadership.

Surey it has to be crass propaganda.

Or is it the same on our screens but we just don't spot it? Unlikely.

Or is it that 'Lionel' is RT's answer to Melissa McCarthy?

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Andreas said...

Here is a bit a calmer version of the 'Linonel':

In relation to propaganda... isn't it also used for 'demonizing the enemy', here in our case Russia?

"Demonizing the enemy is a state propaganda technique which promotes an idea about the enemy being threatening evil aggressor with only destructive objectives. Demonization is the oldest propaganda technique aimed to inspire hatred toward the enemy necessary to hurt them more easily, to preserve and mobilize allies and demoralize the enemy"

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