Saturday, February 18, 2017

How Radcliffe welcomed Sr Pauline with open arms

Lovely piece in this week's 'The Tablet' by Timothy Radcliffe.

He tells the story of Sister Pauline Quinn OP, who survived years of self-harm, sexual abuse and street living to become a champion of the poor and marginalised.

In his early days as Master of the Order he was told there was a woman in a Dominican habit demonstrating outside the priory at Santa Sabina. She had a placard which read: "Dominicans wake up your hearts". She also had a dog with her.

He went down to her and brought her and the dog up to his office.

Sister Pauline, who is a Dominican tertirary, took her final private vows to the Mexican bishop Raul Vera Lopez OP in 1995.

Her story is told in Secrets Shared: The Life and Work of Sister Pauline Quinn OP by Susan Nagelsen and Charles Huckelbury, published by Dogs&Jobs.

Radcliffe says of the book:
"The biography is expensive; it is neither well edited nor well printed, but it is worth every penny. Sister Pauline is now having chemotherapy for stage three cancer.

"In between bouts, she is back in California seeing how one of her prison programmes is doing.

"Pray for this great woman".

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