Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mary Kenny tut tuts 'an attitude of moral superiority'

In the current issue of 'The Irish Catholic' columnist Mary Kenny writes:

".... we're all sinners, and even if we dislike Mr Trump as a public figure, we're still not entitled to feel so morally superior to him as a person".

Elsewhere in the same column she writes:

"Moreover, if Mr Trump starts seriously withdrawing American investment from Ireland, there might be some regrets for not having a little more charity towards the elected leader of the United States."

The headline on the column runs:

"An attitude of moral superiority"

In the same column Ms Kenny is critical of the Speaker of the House of Commons.

It seems if one criticises public figures Ms Kenny approves of then it's a matter of an 'attitude of moral superiority'.

At least confusing.

On the same page of the paper there is an ad for a book authored by Ms Kenny.

Something of an irony that Mary Kenny/'The Irish Catholic' use the term 'An attitude of moral superiority.'

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