Monday, March 20, 2017

It makes no sense criticising an 'anti-Catholic' bias

Today is the spring equinox.

The sparrow herself finds a home/ and the swallow a nest for her brood/ she lays her young by your altars/Lord of hosts, my kind and my God.
Psalm 83 (84)

And later in that Psalm we read:

Lord, God of hosts/happy the man who trusts in you.

Does it make any sense for people, especially clerics, to criticise State agencies, such as universities, health authorities etc for an anti-Catholic bias?

Of course it makes no sense and certainly it's not an attractive way to talk about the message of the Gospel.

Has such criticism more to do with people feeling they have lost control, power, influence?

Can people who criticise in such a way really believe that the Lord God of hosts/happy the man who trusts in you.

It's really time for ministers of religion to stop bemoaning the fact that the Irish Catholic Church has lost the inordinate power and control it once had.

Just look at what the church did with that power and control.

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