Thursday, March 9, 2017

Brown to leave Ireland

Archbishop Charles Brown, the papal nuncio to Ireland is moving to Albania.

This post in error reported that the nuncio was returning to the US.

Apologies for the error.


Anonymous said...

according to the Vatican news bulletin today he has been appointed papal nuncio in Albania

Thomas G McCarthy said...

The Vatican website says Charles Brown's destination is Albania.

Michael Commane said...

The perfect example of 'Fake News'', This blog was informed by a 'reliable source' that Charles Brown was going to Alabama.
Apologies for the error and thank you.
Alabama, Albania, wherever.

Michael said...

Albania, Alabama, Argentina, or Australia: no matter, it's good news for the Irish Church. Now we might get a policy of appointing bishops according to the mind of Francis. Charlie Brown's choices have been, in many cases, disastrous; classic conservatives, not particularly well-versed in theology, seemingly not particularly well endowed in emotional (or any other) intelligence, yes-men to their core, largely silent on the critical issues of society today, and unable to think or voice a criticism of church history, policy or practice.

There are exceptions, notably Fintan Monahan whose appointment would not have happened had Charlie Brown known of his thinking that allowed him to say to a female reporter on TG4 (Súil Eile) that she might be a pope or cardinal one day.

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