Friday, March 17, 2017

The young Karl Marx

The poster says there is a film of the young Karl Marx running in Germany at present.

Will it come to Dublin?

An interesting take on the young man.

Talking of Marx, there is a lovely word in German, 'Spießbürger', it almost has qualities of onomatopoeia about it.

A wikipedia definition of the word goes like this:

Spießbürger is a pejorative reference to a person who is distinguished by his intellectual stodginess, extreme conformity to social norms, hostility to changes in daily habits and rejection of everything unfamiliar.

Clerics who buy the latest VW cars? Profoundly pathetic but also hilariously funny. And most importantly, never take them seriously. The perfect word for them 'Spießbürger'. It has really no English equivalent, certainly that catches the mood and 'style' of such people.

Of course, decent, good people too drive VWs, even new ones.

Always and ever so dangerous to generalise.

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