Friday, March 10, 2017

Pope Francis on 'sleeveenry'

A quote from Pope Francis in the El Pais publication:

There are some who don't agree. Of course, and they have the right, because, if I felt bad because someone disagrees with me, I would have the germ of a dictator in me.

They have the right to disagree ... Provided they talk, that they don't hide behind others.

Nobody has the right to do that.


Please Pope Franics visit Ireland and spend a few days in a number of religious communities. I can give you the addresses and phone numbers.

Stay away from the hierarchy, provincials, priors, regents of studies, student masters, ...... And come among us and see the reality. Come visit the hoi polloi.

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Michael said...

I'm sure there are some Irish bishops and priests who can't wait to see the back of Francis. Putting the mercy message of the Gospel into practice can be messy and to some overly indulgent. They'd much prefer the precise parameters and definitions of Canon Law. At least that puts manners on us all and keeps the sinners in line. There's nothing more comforting to the ego than a sense of moral superiority over those who don't quite make the grade.

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