Monday, June 8, 2015

A sober reminder

The Berlin Senate some years ago began a project marking the pavements outside the doors of people, mainly Jews, who were taken from their homes by the Nazis and deported to the camps.

That project has now been extended to other cities, including Frankfurt-an-der Oder.

Below is a picture of the plates outside a door in the German border city.

The men who dragged these people out of their homes were 'ordinary' people. They did what they were told. And so many of the upper echelons were 'respectable' people.

Mercedes Benz supplied Hitler with a customised vehicle. IG Farben supplied the gas to the camps. After the war IG Farben was divided up into new companies, including BASF and Hoechst.

On the other hand it s now well established that many of those who joined the Nazi party were deviants and miscreants. 


Póló said...

Wasn't there some question of Munich objecting to these a while back?

Andreas said...

What do you think about the speech from Benjamin Freedman in 1961?

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