Friday, June 12, 2015

Freesheet 'Alive!' pickings

A headline in the June issue of the freesheet 'Alive!' runs:

"More UK teenagers have a smartphone than a father"

Does that mean there are no smart phones in the UK?

Another headline goes:

"No peace in society without faith in God"

A work colleague, who saw this headline and who does not believe in God, was greatly offended.

And then there is the picture on the front page, which is referred to in a comment on this blog and has received national news. It is alledged the picture was used without permission of the artist.

In the same issue soothing words for the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian government. At the same time the Guardian newspaper gets a lashing as does President Obama.

Then there are stories about Sharing Joy and Opening ourselves to mercy.

1 comment:

Póló said...

You forgot to mention the abolition of the agnostics. Those who are not with me are against me. No middle ground there. (See Fr. Brian's jottings in the current issue).

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