Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Eight years later

This blog marks its eighth year this month. It began in mid-summer 2007 and now attempts to publish on a daily basis.

At present it is read in over 180 cities around the world, including Novocherkassk in Russia. Today the blog was read in 50 Russian cities. Unfortunately it has not yet been read in the great city of Volgograd (Волгогра́д).

The blog is eclectic. It republishes the blogger's Irish Times Thinking Anew column. The Irish Times has a readership of 314,000. It also republishes the blogger's column in the INM Irish regional newspapers, which have a combined readership of approximately of 50,000.


Póló said...


Enjoy your (usually) sensible observations :)

Michael Commane said...

Thank you.

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