Saturday, June 13, 2015

Poor hospital signage

There are regular complaints about signage on Irish roads, its up there with the potholes on our secondary roads.

Have you ever noticed how bad signage is in Irish hospitals?

Take Tallaght Hospital, it seems they have gone out of their way to make the signs as small as possible. Also as scarce as possible.

The hospital is about to begin a project in imporving the system. Why did they not have an 'improved system' the first day?

Then floor designations. Is it level or floor. When the lift stops at a floor or level it is close to impossible to see what floor/level you are on.

In Tallaght there is a sign tucked away at one side of the lift, which is not visible if you leave the lift from certain doors.

But it's not just Tallaght hospital. It's right across the entire system.

Again, who is or was the 'management class' who designed this mess?

Lift doors at Tallaght Hospital

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