Monday, April 3, 2017

Time for a Lenten prayer to help priests and bishops

In today's Gospel the scribes and Pharisees slink away when they are confronted by the kindness and mercy of Jesus, his goodness too.

What happens with ministers of religion?

Is it time for a Lenten prayer asking God to make Irish priests and bishops kinder, more open and honest.

Can priests, but maybe especially bishops, rid themselves of their attempt of working hard to be 'cute hoors'.

It's really time provinicals and bishops stopped pretending to be corporate executives. 

They're not and they look ridiculous in their attempt at trying to be so.

And then the little sycophants who follow their every word. One word for it - pathetic.

Also prayers please that the new papal nuncio will have the imagination and honesty to help appoint bishops who will be exciting and interesting people. We need kind and imaginative bishops. We have enough yes men/sycophants already.

And it would be extraordinary prayers that are required to give leadership within some of the Irish religious congregations.

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