Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Enda Alan spat

The Alan Shatter Enda Kenny story is typical of what happens across so many organisations and groupings.

We are forever told that it's never a good idea to be 'personal'. There's that great putdown line, "please, don't be personal". And it's always the advice given by the 'wise' and those in authority.

But everything in our lives, in our place of work, in the organisations to which we belong, so often centres around people and personalities.

We perform great tricks to pretend we are not 'personal'. Of course we are.

It happens right across all groupings.

People make up their minds about people never having met them but have listened to the gossip of others about them.

People often make up their minds about organisations, teams, churches, everything on maybe just one encounter with one member of that group, indeed, they may have heard something about them.

It's as daft as that. We all do it and maybe its greatest practitioners are found in the world of clericalism

It's a funny old world.

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