Friday, April 14, 2017

This Good Friday the Irish Dominican Province is absent from Limerick city

Is it the last drink-free Good Friday in Ireland?


It's not too long ago since Good Friday in Ireland was without newspapers, public houses, shops, radio. And 98 per cent of the population claimed to be Catholic. It's all changed. Good or bad?

This year in Limerick the Redemptorist church reports good numbers attending its Holy Week services.

This Good Friday, the Irish province of the Dominican Order is not at home at its priory  in Glentworth Street.

The Dominicans arrived in Limerick in 1226.

That the Irish province has pulled out of the city is nothing less than a scandal. Limerick is the third city in the State, it is a university city and on willy nilly, almost a whim, the Irish Dominicans closed the door of their priory in the heart of the city.

It would seem a most strange and unwise management decision.

Yesterday the Labour Court gave an inkling of how poor management skills are at Bus Éireann.

What would happen if the Labour Court examined the management class in Irish Catholic dioceses and Irish religious congregations?

The results would make for fascinating reading.


Anonymous said...

There are Dominicans in the priory in Limerick.Do they not count in your eyes because they are habited Women?

Anonymous said...

Well, the author's headline referenced the Irish Dominican Province. I guess that means the four sisters in Limerick must have transferred to the Irish province if the post about habited women is to be taken at face value, good news for Ireland but I wonder if anyone told their home community!

It does help if the reader reads what is written instead of attacking the author!

Anonymous said...

And why not have women members of the Irish province? The Dutch province of O. Carm. has had women members for some 20 years. See link below:

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