Sunday, April 30, 2017

A quick climb to Maulin

It's funny what you can pack into a short space of time if you put your mind to it.

There were no plans to go walking yesterday until approximately 10.00 when my walking companion called and suggested we take to the hills. It had to be a quick one as I had to be back home for 18.00.

Maulin was our destination. It is in north east Wicklow, on the border with Dublin and south west of Enniskerry. It stands at 570 metres.

A calm day, cloud but a good view from the top. Bray, Howth, the sea was all to be seen as was the Sugar Loaf and Djouce.

Little or no wind for the first 45 minutes and just before getting to the top that all changed; wind and biting cold, unseasonably so for the end of April. But great, no rain, though was it not forecast?

We bagan our journey from the car park in Crone wood. From closing the car doors to the top was 60 minutes.

A great walk but sadly, no Tess. The vet has deemed her too old for such outings. And in my case it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon of my 68th birthday.
En route to the top of Maulin.

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