Monday, April 10, 2017

Djouce on Palm Sunday

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, the perfect day to take to the hills.

Djouce, which is 725 metres high in the Wicklow Mountains, was the perfect viewing platform on a day with fabulous visibility. 

Much more pleasant ascent is to go around by the side of Djouce. It's less steep but longer.

Down below Vartry Reservoir and off in the distance Turlough Hill and even further away Lugnaquilla.

The Wicklow Hills are a relatively quiet place but yesterday it was a busier place than usual. Small groups of Dutch and Germans and a large group of Trinity students, members of the college's mountaineering club. On the way down a sole woman with her two dogs. She didn't think she'd get to the top.

Magic. But unfortunately, no longer a place for Tess. According to the vet, she is too old to make it to the top of Djouce. Sad.

And then this morning daylight at 06.00, at least in Dublin. Unseasonably cold but these have to be the best days of the year, everything is ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Fair play, while many sleep you are enjoying and experiencing the amazing beauty on our doorstep . Dylan

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