Friday, June 24, 2016

A bad night

Is it not, at least unusal, that people who feel marginalised and alienated, people who feel hard done by the 'elite' have now joined forces with the 'elite' of the right-wing media and voted to leave the European Union?

Has it something to do with populism? Is it a victory for jingoism and smallmindedness?

But there is no question that the Remain campaign was shambolic from the off.

The mood of the UK is in many ways similar to a prevailing tone that is evident across the world right now.

Readers of this blog have often criticised it for how it manages to link all sorts of issues with church affairs.

But there is a link and currently there is an unpleasasant atmosphere of insularism, even jingoism within sections of the Catholic Church.

This week's 'The Irish Catholic' carries pictures of approximately 67 priests.

Another bad night.

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