Friday, May 22, 2015

Coming out

Whatever the result in today's marriage referendum it would seem that there is a more open and tolerant attitude towards people of homosexual orientation. The nasty 'jokes' the fear of being gay, hopefully will be something of the past.

It has been heart-warming and something good to see people open and honest about their sexual orientation.

Ursula Halligan's article in last Friday's Irish Times was an impressive piece of writing.

And yet hardly a whsiper from ministers of religion.

On a lighter note - at this stage many people must surely be suffering from 'referendumitis'.


Thomas G McCarthy said...

Hardly a whisper?
I have heard Dominicans preach on this topic, and my own homily on Sunday 17th was entitled 'Pre-Referendum Remarks'.

Michael Commane said...

No, not the 'preaching' but ministers of religion writing as Urusula Halligan did.

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