Monday, May 18, 2015

Russian journalist writes on the Tsarnaev family

Award-winning Russian journalist Masha Geesen was interviewed by Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4's 'Begin the Week' this morning.

Her book The Road to a Modern Tragedy will be published later this year.

It is the story of the Tsarnaev brothers, the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013.

She tells the story of the family moving from country to country. The Russian journalist gives an account of how and why the family fled Chechnya, looking for some sort of normality. After World War ll  the Chechnyians were brutalised and slaughtered by Stalin. She points out that at one stage the food rations of Chechnyians was less than that received by the inmates at Auschwitz.

Geesen points out how the Tsarnaevs came to the US looking for hope. A hope they never found, which ended in more slaughter.

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