Friday, May 8, 2015

One person's reasonableness is another's prejudice

A quote from an article by theologian Patrick Comerford on marriage in yesterday's Irish Times.

It can be argued that marriage is part of the natural order or conforming to natural law. But there is no one, accepted definition of what is natural or what is not natural, and no one accepted code of natural law. When appeal is made to reason, one person's reasonable approach becomes another person's prejudice.

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Andreas said...

If you leave the path of natural order to do or create something unnaturally then you have to put a certain amount of engery into it to maintain your creation.

Lets say you are an irish farmer and you feel disadvantaged by the fact that you can't grow pineapples here in Irland. You urge the government to do something about it and so they subsidice nice greenhouses and the electricity for you so that you are able to grow pinapples like your friends in south america. Of course does it work but in that moment when the maintaining engery stops that farmer will be back on spuds again! The above has nothing to do with reasonableness or prejudice since natural law is there even if we want it or not! Patrick Comerfords text is an invalid construction of an argument which is called fallacy!

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