Friday, May 29, 2015

RTE's Bill O'Herlihy's Dominican connections

Much acclaimed RTE journalist Bill O'Herlihy will be buried today after Requiem Mass in Foxrock.

Bill had Dominican connections. His brother Jack joined the order and was ordained a priest in the early 1960s. After ordination he studied in the United States. Shortly after returning to Ireland he left the Dominicans and resigned from priesthood. He went on to work at the then Letterkenny RTC.

Bill's first cousin, Paul Patrick O'Leary, also joined the Dominicans. He was ordained a priest in 1968.

Paul was the kindest of men and a great teacher. He always looked out for those who were in difficulty or marginalised.

He died in 2005, aged 67.

His doctoral studies included some work on a Russian theologian. On one occasion he received a phone call from the Soviet Embassay on Orwell Road. The Soviet Ambassador had requested his presence at a luncheon to recognise his work on the Russian theologian.

A car from the embassy arrived at the priory in Tallaght to collect Paul. En route to the embassy the 'chauffeur' turned to Paul and explained to him it was April1.

Fellow Dominicans in Tallaght organised the prank.

Paul took it in his stride. 

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