Saturday, May 30, 2015

That apostrophe

What makes people do it?

Pizza shop in Rathgar.


J Spalding said...

No idea. Although for some unknown reason I used to put an apostrophe in years such as 1970s.

Gerard said...

I find Michael's posting problematic. I think it regrettable that people who have been given a good education funded by the finances of the government, church agencies, and the gifts of the people who come to our churches, cannot resist sneering at those who use language in a slightly ambiguous way. Perhaps a mistake was made, or perhaps the signwriter did not have the advantages Michael has had. What is unclear about that sign? Does it do the job?

Popular prescriptivism in this case may or may not be well based on historical precedent(Jane Austen is one person often cited in this context). It is nonetheless unworthy of somebody who has enjoyed Michael's privilege.

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