Wednesday, May 10, 2017

RTE's 'The Undocumented'

On Monday evening RTE One Television screened 'The Undocumented'.

The programme was billed as "An intimate portrait of what it is like to be undocumented in Trump's America, focusing on Irish people threatened by the policies brought in by the new administration."

In the course of the programme young Irish people, living in the US without correct visas were interviewed.

They all appeared on television, gave their names and where they come from in Ireland. Some spoke openly of their 'illegal status', others explained how being 'illegal' they were also not paying taxes.

It seemed most irresponsible television. All the people who appeared and spoke on the programme made public their 'illegal status'.

Will the US embassy in Dublin now send details to the relevant authorities in the US of those interviewed on the programme?

If the US authorities take no action then it would appear they are not too concerned about 'illegals' within their shores.

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