Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wilby on Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

Tuesday's Guardian carried a piece on the archbishop of Liverpool Malcolm McMahon.

It was a profile piece and written by Peter Wilby.

The main topic was the Catholic Church's schools' policy.

In reply to one question the archbishop, who is a Dominican, said to Wilby: "You do this for a living, do you? You ask the questions based on inaccurate information?"

The page-article concludes:

"These exchanges are towards the end of our talk. By then I have accepted that the life of a Catholic priest - accepting celibacy, telling people that 'artifical' contraception is sinful, having your future determined by the will of God - is beyond my comprehension, and that McMahon himslef is unknowable.

"He signs round-robins against the renewal of Trident and he marched against the Iraq war. Although he 'likes to remain apolitical these nowadays', he desribes himself as left of centre and has a record of concern for social justice. But it's perhaps best to avoid the subject of who is allowed to go to Catholic schools, or what goes on behind their walls."

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