Monday, May 29, 2017

Germany dismisses Trump as unfit for the job

Yesterday in Munich German Chancellor Angela Merkel clearly expressed her view that the European Union would now have to rely more than ever on its member states.

Last evening on the Anne Will programme on German TV station ARD the general consensus was that Donald Trump is a disaster for the world and the US.

The panel made up of journalists, politicians, academics, all agreed that Donald Trump's presidency is not working.

The panel was unanimous and indeed dismissive towards the US president.

Writer and philosopher Susan Neiman pointed out how the Republican Party is at ground zero and been hijacked by such groups as the Tea Party.

She want on to say that  Trump is among the worst presidents the US has had. She said it is gernally accepted that he is simply not psychologically equipped for the job of president.

Klaus von Dohnanyi, an 89-year-old SPD politician, former government minister and mayor of Hamburg, and nephew of Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke of the unpredictability of Trump. He went on to say the EU and the Germans must stand up to the US.

He stressed that Trump's plans to isolate Iran is clearly the wrong policy. He said that there is a lack of know-how in the Trump administration.

Norbert Röttgen, a leading CDU politician, spoke most disparagingly of Trump's attitude towards Nato.

He pointed out how Trump is interested only in speaking to the US electorate and that in the context of a salesman. He observed how Trump has no interest in bringing about a peaceful solution in Iran.

It was generally agreed that Trump's attitude towards Iran is dangerous and worrying.

And then on the news immediately after Anne Will, a clip was shown of Angela Merkel saying that the EU can no longer place confidence in the United States of Donald Trump.

Martin Schulz SPD chancellor candidate for the September elections said that the EU has now to stand up against President Trump.

Exciting times. Worrying too.

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