Friday, May 26, 2017

A church of many parts

It's good to know that the Catholic Church is made up of different parts.

On Sunday Pope Francis named five new cardinals.

Among them is Gregorio Rosa Chávez, auxiliary bishop in San Salvador.

On the death of Archbishop Rivera in 1994 it was generally expected that Bishop Rosa Chávez would be appointed as his successor. To the surprise of many, he was overlooked and an Opus Dei sympathiser, who held the rank of brigadier general in the Salvadorian army became the new archbishop of San Salvador.

Rosa Chávez, who lives in a poor and run-down area of San Salvador, will be created a cardinal at the next consistory in Rome on June 28.

Some days later on July 8 in Dublin Archbishop Augustine De Noia will ordain to the priesthood an Irish Dominican.

Two different trends, two different groupings within the Catholic Church.

But the church of Chávez seems a more open, a kinder and nicer place to be. Less pompus and self-righteous too.

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