Saturday, January 14, 2017

Andrej Holm's Berlin woes are a universal tale

The story of Andrej Holm is an old and interesting story about human nature.

He's now a member of the Berlin City State government. He is a member of the Die Linke - Left Party.

But just months before the Wall came tumbling down 18-year-old Holm joined the SED - the ruling party in the GDR. He also signed up to be a member of the Stasi, [East German Secret Police] doing some background training in his father's department. His parents were closely linked to the SED and his  father worked for the Stasi.

The Wall falls, the young intelligent Holm changes from journalism studies to sociology.

The years pass and Holm applies for a job at the Humboldt university. He is asked to sign a form asking if he ever worked for the Stasi plus other questions relating to the GDR.

Holm answers with 'NO'.

Is that the universal story of so many people who seek preferment? Is it the story of the management class in the majority of organisations and institutions?

The churches?

The thing about it is that there is rumbling in Berlin about the life and times of Andrej Holm.

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Andreas said...

I have 2 further suspects for you:
Angela Merkel (code name: IM Erika)
Joachim Gauck (code name: IM Larve)
you just couldn't make a carrier in the GDR without being well implemented into the system!

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