Thursday, January 5, 2017

Scanning the website of two Irish religious congregations

On occasion this blog criticises the management team of the Catholic Church and that includes criticism of the Irish Province of the Dominican Order.

People criticise this blog and express the opinion that it is far too often snide in its approach.

It might well be a valid point.

But may I on this occasion simply ask readers to log on to the website of the Irish Dominican Province and then log on to the website of the Irish Jesuit Province.

One website is attractive, publishes interesting stories about the work done in the province. The other website is filled with pious thoughts.

One website is all-inclusive of its province, representing a wide range of opinion within the province. The other website confines itself to people of like-minded opinions.

Why can one website be so informative, alive, interesting to read, and another website be so boring and yes, awful?

Simply, it is not acceptable and it is also embarrassing.

On one occasion Roy Keane came home from an international campaign and expressed how he was sick and tired with poor performance. He could never understand how people could 'celebrate' failure.

He argued that it does not have to be so.

It's time for people to ask for something better. It does not have to be as bad as this.

'The Irish Times' yesterday carried a story of a Jesuit priest, who has been working in Limerick, experiencing the life and pain of people.

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Póló said...

Point taken.

Maybe the Doms take too narrow a view of the term in their subtitle "Order of Preachers".

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