Sunday, January 1, 2017

Guidelines for Dominicans

On December 27, 2016 the Dominican Order published guidelines on how Dominicans should be introduced to the Order and then how that development grows and becomes a life-long process.

Below are the last two paragraphs of the document.

A reality or an aspiration? Maybe a dream? Does it 'happen'? When it happens it's amazing to see. But how often does it happen?

The word 'formation' is unfortunate.

199. Our [Dominican] form of government cannot work unless we continue to learn and practise the art of dialogue, listening to each one, being prepared to consider other points of view, being ready to help out, being prepared to take initiatives. ‘Our preparation for the art of dialogue is never done once and for all, and everyone has to perfect it and learn it over and over again’ (Bologna 1998 123, 3). 

200. Permanent formation ought to help us have confidence in God and respect for others. Its final purpose is to bring healing, hope and renewal into our lives and the lives of all entrusted to our care. 

Happy new year to readers of Occasional Scribbles.

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Michael said...

Perhaps #199 might be printed in 36 pt and hung in front of the editor' desk at Alive.

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