Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Unsocial behaviour

Irish Business Against Litter (Ibal) awards were announced yesterday.

The survey was carried out by An Taisce for Ibal.

Dublin has slipped in the ratings.

This bin has featured before on this blog. This was the state of play yesterday at 08.30 at this bin in Dartry Park. Obviously someone decided to leave the large refuse bag beside the already over-filled public bin.

What sort of person does this?

Most likely one of their characteristics is anonymity.

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windmill said...

The person most likely culpable will have failed to meet the cost of dumping; bloody expensive. Given the refusal of the government - en-block, to actually govern; hey've been refusing since they were elected (again), it is inevitable that incidents like this will occur. One need only look at the refusal to deal with the blatant theft by insurance companies to see a perfect example of government inaction. Only today it was reported on the airwaves that the out-of-hand increase in numbers of uninsured drivers will be dealt with by tackling drivers who drink and drive . . .

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