Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Far too much aggression on Dublin's dangerous roads

There has been a significant increase in traffic in the Dublin area in recent months.

With that increase there has been an ever-growing aggression on the roads.

The streets and roads have become a far more dangerous place. And the offenders are both drivers of cars and cyclists.

Cyclists, and cars too, crashing traffic lights.

Policing seems negligible.

Many cyclists are travelling far too fast, too close and too aggressively as are so many drivers of cars.

And this is being noted by someone who has been cycling in the city for 62 years.

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Karen said...

Public transport in the city has failed to grow to accomodate the demand / need for it in Dublin. Twoo many people priced out of public transport and into their cars / onto bikes (having little experience of navigating the city on a bike along with little or no regard to the rules of the road). Something needs to be done.

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