Friday, October 28, 2016

Dominicans in Derry

In an interview on Radio Maria on Wednesday, October 26 Fr John Harris OP talks about the mission movement in Ireland. It was on the occasion of a group of Dominicans giving a retreat in Derry.

Fr Harris asks Fr Ciaran Dougherty OP how he would explain what he expects of a mission. He tells the listeners that Fr Ciaran "has lots of experience".

Fr Dougherty replies: "I suppose the idea of a mission is something new for a parish. Things can become a little stale, it's a time that's different.

"People get used to doing the same things every week."  Fr Dougherty goes on to explain how at a mission people have an opportunity to hear things "they have not heard in a while".

Elsewhere in the interview Fr Harris says that people attempt to "whitewash Christianity out of the public spehre" and "it is only Jesus who can truly truly heal the wounds of Northern Ireland."

On a remark made by Fr Dougherty, Fr Harris says: "It's an excellent observation because I agree with you ......."

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Anonymous said...

Fr. Dougherty here Michael.

So what point are you making? I would have thought that taking little pieces out of an interview without the proper context would have been beneath you. I guess I was wrong. I cannot understand why you have nothing good to say about your brethren who are trying to do the work of the Order. Perhaps if you got involved yourself instead of carping from the sidelines, the Order might be more successful in its mission.

You can criticise me all you like about whatever you like, I'm not bothered.

Ciaran Dougherty OP

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