Monday, October 3, 2016

Some headlines in October issue of free-sheet 'Alive!'

Five headlines in the October issue of the free-sheet Alive!:

Science is turning into a swamp of deciet

UN, EU imposing anti-family agenda

Award for pro-EU propaganda

Academic exposes corruption in scientific research
This piece talks about stirring up alarm about cllimate change

Marxist gender ideology tightens grip on US colleges


Andreas said...

And what do you think about them - do they make sense to you?
I'm curious to hear your opinion!

Michael said...

Ignorance rules as ever at Alive. For an editor who champions "the truth", it is astonishing that the following statement passed his gimlet eye: “Nobel Prize winners such as Robert Jastrow and Freeman Dyson ... have become increasingly critical of the course of modern science.”

Well, first off, neither Jastrow nor Dyson won a Nobel Prize. Jastrow died in 2008 so was not really in a position to be 'increasingly critical' of anything.

Michael Commane said...

Andreas, the comment from 'Michael' is not I but a regular reader of the blog.

Might I suggest that 'Michael's' comments on the free-sheet are revealing.

Personally, I think it is a nasty little free-sheet that seems to have 'a go' at everything and everyone who has a different opinion than the editor.

In most issues most pages find an excuse to talk about some aspect of sexuality.

The sort of editor who might vote for Donald Trump.

It takes all types.

It claims to have 'charity status'. Charity could never be used to describe anything about the content. Then again, does it have its own individual charity number/registration?

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