Friday, October 7, 2016

Typical right-wing behaviour

From yesterday's Guardian.

Isn't this what the right-wing does? They present themselves as nice, ever so polite, but there is the nasty side: the street fighting, the drunken brawls. And on it goes.

The same behaviour within the churches.

The two Ukip members involved in an alleged brawl have, in the circumstances, unfortunate names.

The Ukip leadership favourite, Steven Woolfe, has been hospitalised after a dramatic altercation with a fellow MEP, following a meeting of the party in the European parliament.
Woolfe, who later said he was recovering well and “smiling as ever”, collapsed during a vote in Strasbourg and was taken to hospital in a serious condition. 
Earlier that morning Woolfe had allegedly been involved in a confrontation with his fellow Ukip MEP Mike Hookem after a tense meeting which was intended to “clear the air” with colleagues.

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