Monday, August 15, 2016

Dominican stories: a prelate and maybe an Aldi brother

Two intersting stories.

Story one.

Fr William Barden, who was Archbishop of Isfahan, was born in 1908 and was living at 1 Mander's Terrace when the 1911 census was taken. He was christened Kevin Barden.

The fine town house is beside the LUAS stop at Ranelagh.

More anon.

Story two.

In 1972 a Dominican priest, Pater Albrecht lived at the Dominican Priory in Lindenstra├če in Cologne.

He was an intersting man, who smoked large cigars. He seemed to have close contact with people in Cologne and the surrounding area. In the house he was a quiet man and one could get the impression that he was considered an 'outsider' by the 'management team' in the community.

He was born somewhere in the Ruhr area, maybe Essen. In the 1970s he was probably in his 50s or 60s.

If I recall correctly I was told that his brother had a shop somwhere near Essen.

Aldi was founded by two brothers whose surname was Albrecht.

Fr Albrecht certainly looked like a frustrated businessman. And it seemed as if he was not understood by the rest of the community. He had his own ideas and thought for himself.

He was always kind to me.

Was Fr Albrecht an 'Aldi'?

Living in that priory in the 1970s was a Fr Brenninkmeyer, whose family owned C&A.

Also in the community was a Fr Germanus Lensker, who was a young Wehrmacht soldier with the medical corps, who was on the eastern front and saw service at Stalingrad.

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