Friday, August 12, 2016

A 'religious' site that might need to bite the dust

This has been the masthead on the Dominican website now for many months, maybe even a year or longer.

Heading for a swim in this attire? Does such a picture represent some sort of reality? Anything at all to do with reality? Something to do with God?

What exactly is a 'webite'? Some sort of religious terminology, maybe an ancient liturgical garment?


Anonymous said...

So you will actually bitch about anything? Perhaps your blog ought to be renamed 'occasional rantings', or better still 'frequent rantings'.

Francis Hunt said...

Dear anonymous,
Why don't you have the courage to make your comments openly?

Michael Commane said...

Within the last week someone sent comments to this blog. They were unpleasant, contained innuendo. They sounded and looked nasty. They were not published. They too were anonymous. They too used vulgar language.
Some years ago the Archbishop of Dublin said to the then provincial of the Irish Dominicans that in normal circumstances he would bin anonymous material but in that specific case, which he was then concerned about, he felt the matter had to be examined.
There is something about anonymity and priesthood that is most unhealthy.
The current Maynooth controversy is not exclusive to the Kildare seminary. Nor is it exclusive to diocesan priesthood.
Something about priesthood?

Póló said...

Just goes to show they don't even visit their own website or if they do they're in a holy trance and way above spotting typos.

Re the swim. That's not a beach it's a cliff. I'll say no more.

Anonymous said...

Ciaran Dougherty OP here,

Michael, this post was pointed out to me by someone, I'm not a regular reader of your blog. If you spot typos on the provincial website, could you not simply inform someone so that they can be fixed? That would be much nicer than mocking the work of your brothers.

Michael Commane said...

Ciaran, thank you for your comment and delighted you have read the blog. This blog does not 'mock' people but from time to time it is critical of systems, organisations, newspapers, radio stations, the pomposity of church groupings. It even alludes to this in the sidebar of the blog. It's hardly a 'typo' at this stage. It is there some considerable time now and it has been brought to the attention of the team. Also, it was mentioned on this blog some time back. A 'typo' on the masthead for maybe more than a year?

Religious life has been bedevilled by how its members use the word 'brother'.

Some posts back this blog criticised reports that came from the general chapter of the Dominican order in Bologna. Never for a moment was it 'mocking' the writer of the material, who is unknown to the blog, but it was criticising the material that appeared on the Order's official website.

And it's all done in the open and signed off too. Again, thank you for your comment.

Michael Commane said...

Apologies, it should be 'Dominican Order'.

Michael Commane said...

Over a week later the Irish Dominican website has still not been corrected.
Grammar, spelling and syntax on the site is awful. Such poor quality would never be tolerated in any newspaper publication. There may be different views and opinions on God and the language that is used about God but there are specific rules concerning spelling, grammar and syntax.
One may profoundly disagree with the output on the site but that is an opinion and can be discussed. There can be no discussion on grammar, spelling and syntax.

Póló said...

Perhaps there is no grammar, spelling or syntax in Heaven :)

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