Thursday, August 11, 2016

David Quinn comments on those of a 'liberal persuasion'

It's always the little things that give us away.

In the current issue of The Irish Catholic David Quinn writes about difficulties in the Catholic Church with reference to the ongoing Maynooth controversy.

The piece reads nasty. In one place in the article he writes: "Fr Radcliffe is well liked by Catholics of a liberal persuasion...."

A clear put-down for that ilk who are of a 'liberal persuasion'.

It's also worth noting that when citing 'right living' standards his examples are in the sexual area.

Not at all a helpful piece of writing. Superficial too.

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Thomas G McCarthy said...

Michael, my opinion is that you are less than fair to David Quinn here. You quote a sentence of his piece, but only the first part of that sentence. It is important that Quinn notes (later in that same sentence) that what Timothy Radcliffe says is highly relevant to the current question(s) re Maynooth. Radcliffe saw the tensions within the Church (and seminaries, and 'religious houses of study') close on 20 years ago. And what he suggests is, as Quinn notes, helpful. Goodness knows any serious help is welcome here in this debate.

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