Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A brilliant Fr Brendan Hoban talks on Morning Ireland

Fr Brendan Hoban was simply excellent on Morning Ireland today.

Well worth listening to him. The interview takes place at approximately 08.15 and lasts close to five minutes.

His comments on the right-wing attacks on Maynooth hits the nail on the head.

Why is Brendan Hoban not a bishop in Ireland?

The most competent, articulate priest to appear on Irish radio in a long time.

A clever wise man, who speaks a real language.

Make sure to listen to him.


Anonymous said...

As usual an elderly irrelevant clergy man defends a church institution from a perceived attack. We have heard it all before. o its a 'right wing attack'!!!

Michael Commane said...

Ageist, anonymous, rude too. And that abbreviation of 'it is' is missing an apostrophe.
Three exclamation marks and then the 'o'.
Is clergyman one word?
Maybe some English lessons?
Thank you.

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