Monday, July 24, 2017

'The Tablet' editorial on the 'culture war' phenomenon

Interesting and informative editorial in The Tablet this week.

It's about the state of the Catholic Church in the United States.

A number of excerpts:

Many bishops have led the American Church into the scenario known as the 'culture wars'......

The real question the Vatican must face is why it allowed this division in the Catholic Church in America to fester for many years, why, in particular it appointed a slew of 'safe' conservative bishops, eager culture warriors, to replace faithful bishops who saw their mission as including the promotion of social justice and equal rights.

It goes on:

The Catholic hierarchy's failure to put its full weight behind healthcare reform is deeply troubling, given that those who suffer most from lack of healthcare are the poor.

It is an editorial well worth reading.

Indeed, it is not exclusively talking to or about the church in the United States.

It could well be talking to/about the Irish Catholic Church, the Irish province of the Dominican Order.

In the case of the Dominicans what has the management team in Ireland and in Rome done to prevent the polarisation and divisions that are taking place?

The answer: nothing. Indeed, it may well be that the management teams have helped bring about the difficulties.

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