Thursday, July 13, 2017

Diarmuid Martin talks on Kilian's Day in Würzburg

Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin gave a talk in  Würzburg on Saturday, July 8, the feast of St Kilian.

Aspects of it have been quoted in the Irish media with follow-up comment.

It makes for great reading.

The full text is available on the diocesan website.

Below is just one paragraph from the text.

The separation of Church and State is not a hostile one, but it could turn into one and there is a growing number of vocal supporters of a much more hostile relationship.  Alongside hostility to the Church one can identify more integralist elements within the Church who see a Christian presence in a pluralist culture purely in terms of a negative culture war.

Kilian, who was born in Mullagh circa 640, had close links with the church in Würzburg.

There is a statue of the saint in Mullagh, Co Cavan, which was made by Dominican sculptor Henry Flanagan.

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