Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A rising anger

An extract from an opinion piece in Monday's Guardian by Paul Mason.

Indeed, for Trump and Vladimir Putin, there is a clear calculation: the more angry their own people are with foreign countries, products and human beings, the less likely they are to stage their own version of the Hamburg protest. Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has, this week, made his own contribution to the rising anger in the world by plastering Budapest with posters depicting George Soros as an enemy of the Hungarian people.
We are at a stage in global politics where the rising anger can be directed in only two directions: upwards, at the elites themselves, or sideways – towards minorities, rival nations and the institutions we rely on to maintain the rule of law.

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Andreas said...

Here is a little documentary about George Soros from 1998. One quote from it: 'George Soros in a way is Donald Trump without the humility'

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