Friday, August 7, 2015

Terence Crotty homosexual story back in the media

The Irish Dominicans make it on to 'The Irish Catholic' again this week. This time it's the story of the Terence Crotty comment at Mass, which has already been referred to on this blog.

According to 'The Irish Catholic' the Dominican provincial, Gregory Carroll seems to have written to Patrick Donovan, who was offended by Terence Crotty's words after the Gospel in which it is reported he said homosexuals were 'intrinsically disordered'.

The provincial Gregrory Carrol is reported to have spoken to Terence Corrty about the issue.

It is noteworthy that the provinical wrote to Patrick Donovan.

This sort of 'clerical nonsense' has been coming down the tracks for some time now.

Had this specific issue not made it to the media, the 'right-wing clerical operation' would trundle on. Had someone not got the common sense to bring Terence Crotty's words to the media would the provincial have done anything?

What will it be next? Who is the next person to be offended by right-wing clerical fundamentalism?

In this week's 'Irish Catholic' Mr Donovan is reported to have said that Terence Crotty added: "gay people have little purpose in God's 'greater plan' ".

Terence Crotty is student master of the Irish Dominican province, an appointment made by the provinical Gregory Carroll.

Career clericalism or preaching the Good News?


Michael said...

I am left wondering why this preacher chose this topic.

Anonymous said...

I’m left wondering why this preacher chose this way of life.

Póló said...

Don't remember what I said that got the axe back then, but my reaction now is that it is surely time to reinterpret God's plan (if there is a God and a plan) in the inclusive way in which it was surely intended.

And this guy was student master. Incredible.

Is he still in the job?

Michael Commane said...

Yes, he is.

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