Thursday, August 20, 2015

Difference in Catholic beliefs in books and in polls

Below is an edited and translated version of an  article on a report released yesterday. The report featured on last evening's main German ARD 20.00 news.

Does it say anything new?

Students from the theological and social science faculties at the universities of M√ľnster and the Free University in Berlin interviewed 12,000 Catholics in 42 countries, with close to 7,900 of those interviewed living in Germany.

The poll concerned itself with marriage, partnerships and family within the context of the Catholic faith.

The results in many cases show the large gap there is between official teaching and how people live their lives.

In Poland and southern European states there was a majority opinion in favour of church teaching.

In the majority of countries, especially in Germany the opposite opinions were expressed.

For the majority of those interviewed, a church marriage is preferred. Nevertheless 80 per cent of German respondents favoured couples living together before getting married.

A majority were in favour of reform within the church as to how remarried people are treated, especially with rules concerning the reception of Communion.
Concerning same sex relationships there is a multiplicity of results. In many countries there is a wish for acceptance and blessing. But attitudes towards the traditional church wedding  varies greatly.

The church's attitude towards contraception was seen by the majority as irrelevant. On this issue a tiny percentage agreed with the official church teaching.

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