Saturday, August 22, 2015

Re-reading bishop's letter in context of cancellation

According to a report in today's Irish Times the Bishop of Cloyne William Crean has ordered a parish in his diocese to cancel a talk to be given by Fr Tony Flannery.

Below is a letter written in 2012 to The Kerryman by the then pp of Cahersiveen, Billy Crean.

The last paragraph is interesting in the context of the bishop's decision, indeed, the complete letter makes for interesting reading in the context of today's report in The Irish Times.

The then pp of Cahersiveen also posted the letter to the then provinical of the Irish Dominicans.

Sir, It is with regret and considerable sadness that I am obliged to address some issues raised by your columnist, Michael Commane OP in the May 9 edition of The Kerryman.

He speaks of not being familiar with the world of the diocesan priesthood.

I write as one who served as parish priest in the Parish of Castlegreghory/Cloghane for seven years, where Michael Commane resided for all of that time. During those years I sought to work co-operatively with him.

Michael has been a priest for all of 40 years, as he stated in his column. Is it not extraordinary that a man who has had the privilege of formation in the Dominican theological tradition, not just in Ireland but also in the Angelicum University of Rome, run by the Dominican Order, should expect a 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' religious person to engage with him personally on the great Christian Mystery of the Resurrection and other religious questions?

Surely, he, intelligent and gifted as he is, ought to be reaching out and assisting others to grapple with the issues of faith and spirituality rather than bemoaning his personal concerns.

I particularly take issue with his perpetual criticism of the diocesan priesthood. The men who serve in our parishes are genuine men, imperfect as we all are, who serve according to their best lights. It is deeply offensive and unfair for someone in priestly ministry to criticise so severely those who have committed themselves to communities to which they were asked to serve and said 'Yes'.

William Crean,
Diocesan Priest,

Church Street,


Póló said...

That's an unfair teaser. Fill us in on the background.

windmill said...

Jesus Himself instructed his apostles to obey the scribes and the Pharisees as put in today's Gospel from Matthew.
Surely the same instruction applies to yourself here?

p.s. the bit where priests still expect to be addressed by the title Father, surely that is also a no-no.

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